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Here is your free Notion Blueprint.

Simply open & duplicate. The drag-and-drop Notion builder will build your perfect system to finally get things done!


**Build with


Create your perfect dashboard in minutes — as simple or complex as you want. Blueprint takes care of everything in the background.



**Easily customize

& expand**

Tweak the databases and blocks to make the system work the way you work. Upgrade your system with expansions ****to fit your specific workflows, and choose the methods that fit you best.

(methods & expansions coming soon)

All your databases, connected


and more…


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Build together with us!

Thanks for taking your time to check out this project. I’m sharing the early Blueprint system-builder, so we can all build it together for our community. It’s unlike anything you've seen before - poke around and you’ll see. Excited to see the system evolve with you and help all of us to get productive! ✨

- Luka

Write feedback and discuss

About - why build the Blueprint?


You can find more free resources like this on my Notion page, notion.lukakopajtic.com.

Got questions? Shoot them into our digital postbox!

[email protected]

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